Class Level Descriptions

Level I

4 years old to 2nd Grade

Level I classes are Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Folklorico and these classes introduce the fundamental skills of each style. Students will memorize barre, center, and floorwork.  Choreography given throughout the year will play an important role in assessing the students understanding of dance lessons. 

Level II

3rd Grade to 5th Grade

Level II classes are Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Folklorico and will expand into technique for each genre. Students will learn how to apply correct body alignment, execution of movements, and spatial awareness.  Safety in properly performing movements will be taught to limit student injuries as well.

Level III/IV

6th Grade to 12th Grade

Level III/IV classes are Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical and Folklorico.  Level III/IV classes will implement Level I+II teachings and build on the concentration of skills in their respective genres.  Barre, center, across the floor exercises, floorwork, and learning choreography will help strengthen the teachings given in class. In addition, students will be given specialization in technique, learn more about dance at the collegiate level, and discover different opportunities available should they wish to follow in the dance field.

Adult Beginner Ballet

The Adult Beginner Ballet class is an adult class for students ages 18 and over. The instructor teaches the basic steps of ballet and incorporates them at the barre, center, across the floor and through choreography combinations.  In addition, the class will be given the opportunity to perform in our annual production.

Adult Beginner Folklorico 

The Adult Beginner Folklorico class teaches the foundations for Folklorico dancing and progresses to faster steps and movement of the feet.  The Folklorico class students will also be given the option to perform in the annual production.  

Private Lessons

Any class level

Private lessons are booked on a first come, first served basis.  Private lessons are $60 per hour. Payment is due upon booking and there will be no holds.  The private lesson may consist of re-teaching a dance, barre training, or technique.  Students are expected to wear the associated attire for class to a private lesson.  Private lessons are available for a single individual, duet, or trio (cost is still per student).  Private lessons will end at the scheduled time regardless of arrival time of the student.


Graduation is an important milestone for any parent or child.  And as such, every senior will have a solo routine choreographed by the staff of Avant-Garde Dance Academy, LLC® that may be presented at our final production at the end of the year.  We believe it is important to celebrate the achievement of a high school diploma and look forward to working with our senior graduates.